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Meet  Samantha 

Hi there! 

I’m Samantha, and I started Beacon and Spruce to build upon my passion to transform and personalize spaces into welcoming and functional rooms.  I thrive on finding elements which suit each client's unique needs and preferences to create a cohesive design.  

I often express to my clients,

“This is your space, your dream, so you have to love it.  I'm only here to make your dream a reality!”. 

Listening to your desires and understanding your needs are my priorities, so together we will create a space that feels comfortable and inviting to best represent your lifestyle.  

About Beacon & Spruce

My company name, Beacon & Spruce, combines two distinct yet complementary aspects of my life. 


The first condo I owned and lived in when I started this venture was named, "The Beacon."   The Beacon was a gorgeous, historical building with amazing architecture and airy living spaces.  I cherished coming home each day to a space which was uniquely mine. 


"Spruce" emanated from my commitment to keep aesthetics fresh and lively.  I strive for my work to flourish and feel like an ever-evolving process, so the name seemed fitting.  Plus, I love all things green and lush!

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